Title 1

Title 1 is a federally funded program that serves students at Palatine, Hoffman Estates, and Academy North High Schools who are in need of improving essential skill sets in reading and mathematics. The District 211 Title 1 Program began in 2010 and offers special instructional opportunities for designated students who need extra assistance to reach standards in those areas. District 211 operates Title 1 in partnership with the parents of these students.

 Important Documents

Parent Documents – Mailings

Notification Regarding 2013-2014
School Choice


  • 64 students attended the RTC for reading intervention through Reading Plus.
  • These Title 1 students saw an average reading level gain of 1.64 grade.
  • Title 1 students enrolled in reading classes with Reading Plus gained between 1.5 – 5 grade levels.



  • Mastery of Graphing Lines in M114 has increased from 55% to 81%.
  • Mastery of Congruence in M214 has increased from 71% to 92%
  • Master of Graphing Lines in M314 has increased from 65% to 92%
  • No Title 1 student failed M114 during Semester 1.
  • School wide 37% reduction in failures.


           TITLE 1 In Action

Students in basic English classes, STRIDE and those struggling in the regular
English classes are benefiting from Title 1 teaching assistants both in the classrooms and in learning centers.
Because of the economy, we have been able to hire
certified English teachers to work with our students in a variety of roles.

In the classroom, teaching assistants not only help with classroom
management so more curriculum can be covered, they also work
with students individually or in small groups to help individualize instruction so that all students can be successful.
They can help a student who was absent complete missing assignments or
reteach a lesson so all students can learn.

Additionally, having two “teachers” in the classroom means that students do not
fall through the cracks and that we can more effectively address social-emotional as well as academic needs of students.
These same teaching assistants work in our learning centers; because they are in
students’ classes, they are able to effectively work with students in mastering the skills
addressed in their classes.

Title 1 funds have been used to purchase Netbooks that are in our Title classes.
Having computers available in the classroom has strengthened our writing instruction,
making revisions easier for students during the writing process.

Additionally, we have purchased materials to isolate and target skills tested on
the MAP Reading Test. Such materials allow us to individualize instruction, focusing on students’ target areas as identified on the reading test.
Our Title students also use Reading Plus, a reading software program that helps
students to increase their reading speed while maintaining their comprehension.

This program is one of the few tools we have to help struggling readers improve their
silent fluency so that they can complete timed standardized tests, such as the ACT.
And because Reading Plus is a web-based program, they can access it at home.
Certainly, our Title program has changed the way we teach, allowing students
and adults to work together to do what is necessary for students to become
more skilled readers and writers.

-by Marci Albrecht, English Department